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WCGW Teaching your son to drive

2022.01.19 01:49 kaylee_makraka WCGW Teaching your son to drive

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2022.01.19 01:49 FKN_Monkey Best level for Trees? Bloody bunny trying to kill me

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2022.01.19 01:49 YesIdonot I need help with my rats

I have pet rats and I want to keep their skeletons when they pass, and I'm new to vulture culture. What would be a good method aside from maceration?
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2022.01.19 01:49 Ultraman_Jeff Ultraman Zero

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2022.01.19 01:49 moneymaker6nine selling custom beats

Are you a upcoming rapper looking for a high quality beat for a reasonable price?
Then you’ve come to the right place, I'm the producer you need, I can create any custom beat you want, I've been producing music for around 3 years. I’ve worked with many different artists and have a lot of satisfied customers.
You can send me songs or beats to give me a idea of which type of beat you want or explain the type of beat you want, I can also work with any vocals you send me.
You get exclusive rights with the PRO package - Own full rights to the beat and rights to monetize on all streaming services.
Genres I can work on: all genres, I can send you some of my previous work, my YouTube or my beatstars
I can also mix and master your vocal tracks for a reasonable price
My service is the best service out there in terms of quality, price and delivery time (price matching available)
I am available 24/7
Send me a pm if you are interested
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2022.01.19 01:49 Bilbobrad Supplemental claim received

For context: I have a TBI claim sitting at the BVA at like number 80k on the docket.
On 01/12/22, I asked my attorney if there was anything I can do to resolve this as I am at 100% (this appeal was filed way before I ever received a 100% rating) and wanted the issue behind me. She advised there was not.
Today, I logged into my va.gov account and noticed a “supplemental claim for brain disease due to trauma” that was filed on 01/12/22.
I did not sign or authorize such a claim, and I sincerely doubt my attorney would do such a thing without talking about it with me first, and I assume I’d have to at least sign something.
I was curious if anyone has experienced anything similar? Seems awfully coincidental that this was filed the same day I emailed my attorney. Also, what would be the point in filing a supplemental claim if it’s currently on appeal?
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2022.01.19 01:49 Elpapylokito Is about to get spicy non LHR 🌶

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2022.01.19 01:49 Frostednutty See through top

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2022.01.19 01:49 Such_Significance_65 amended return to possible halt my new return ?

Had to amend my tax return, 2018, 2019, and 2020. Forgot to add my husbands business expenses and income because his business wasn't really off the ground or even making income at that point. any way, due to this we never got the last 2 child tax credit mumbo jumbos and im now worried we won't get our refund for 2021 taxes as normal..does anyone have any info on if it would affect a new return? I'm not wanting any type of advance through H&R Block or whatever and I've done my own taxes since I was 18 so im just wondering if these will be affected...any info would be super helpful! stay healthy friends.
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2022.01.19 01:49 applesarefine If your mum was unvaccinated would you still visit?

I’m double vaxxed, boosted in 2 weeks. I’m usually heavily involved with my family and stay there on the weekend but since the borders opened to QLD I haven’t been inside my mothers home since she’s unvaccinated (I worry about spreading Covid to her because even though I’m careful I have roommates that are not). I just want to know what other people would do if you were in my situation? I’m not sure when I’d feel comfortable staying there until she is vaccinated but I don’t know if that’s silly. I need opinions!
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2022.01.19 01:49 crytoloover Metaverse Games | Metaverse crypto games

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2022.01.19 01:49 thelectroom Why do I have to fight with the Algorand Wallet each time I need to make a transaction?

Every night when I try to claim my earnings, it’s an incredibly annoying exercise of switching back and forth and re-attempting the transaction. It takes 4-5 minutes of re-initiating the transaction before the “confirm” prompt appears.
What gives? Am I doing something wrong?
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2022.01.19 01:49 Youraveragedumbass9 Mildy Depressed and Need a New Game, Any Suggestions?

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2022.01.19 01:49 ZoobBot 201563

This is the 201563rd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2022.01.19 01:49 365Draw Portrait Drawing For a Year Day 59

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2022.01.19 01:49 uncle_russell_90 Praise the Lord!!! Ptuiii

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2022.01.19 01:49 bagel-bastard an american friend secured me this lovely lady and sent her up to canada for me! i love her so much already, she is so perfectly squishy

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2022.01.19 01:49 Amzsallu Magnetic Paper Towel Holder for Refrigerator, Price $15. Free for USA Amazon Product Testers. DM if You're Interested.

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2022.01.19 01:49 whydoesitsnow is this nazi symbolism?

bought this at a thrift store but someone asked what the cross meant and came across the iron cross. is this nazi symbolism? https://imgur.com/a/S3ULbbb
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2022.01.19 01:49 bogbunzhun Turkey tacos with cheese and avocado

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2022.01.19 01:49 Renegade257 I hope more games in the future have a hair and beard growth system

I know it’s a very novel thing, but having your beard and hair grow over time in Red Dead 2 was actually such an awesome detail. You’re out in the wild for days or weeks on end, yeah you’re going to get shaggy. It did this in Witcher 3 as well but not to the same extent. I just love organic systems in games like these that make you feel like you’ve been out of civilization for long stretches of time without a good shave, ya know? It makes me feel connected to the game a little bit more
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2022.01.19 01:49 FallCompetitive7976 19-January I am still here

It is 19-January 04:49. I am contentment.
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2022.01.19 01:49 FutureCFO25 Can anyone identify the brand/model of this counter top?!

I just moved into a new home and want to purchase some more slabs of this exact counter top but cannot find it anywhere. It's currently used in the bathroom and kitchen. Anyone know what brand this?? I know this is a long shot but would appreciate any info!!
Processing img i4uobtglrkc81...
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2022.01.19 01:49 effectiveduck [AU][H] RGB Pok3r Cherry Whites, Cherry deskmat, Switches [W] Paypal

Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/II1kddk

Pickup or shipped from Melbourne, prices negotiable - shipping at additional cost.

Pok3r RGB MX Nature White Switches - $80 - Heavily used, keycaps never used.

Cherry Deskmat - $20 - A little dirty, used for a few months.

120 Gateron Black Linear Switches - $30 - Never used

80 Dusk Panda Linear Switches - $50 - Never used

30 OA Linear Switches - $20 - Never used

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2022.01.19 01:49 MegaMatt24 Im finally fucking done

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