Earning with TUSD or USDT

2022.01.19 02:00 scoobysnatcher Earning with TUSD or USDT

I’m in the US. Am I right that I can transfer in either of these coins, but I can’t swap USDC to them within Celsius? At least in the app I can’t see them as an option to swap to…
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2022.01.19 02:00 CorporateSlave420 TOP 5 AUDIT MELTDOWNS!!!!

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2022.01.19 02:00 GigglySaurusRex 1991 :: TV Series Stone Boy Begins On Doordarshan

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2022.01.19 02:00 Distinct_Routine_949 Macbook Pro 16" M1 Pro: Best way to utilize Google Drive

So I have been in the apple ecosystem through phone, iPad and to this point a 2012 Macbook pro that was on its last leg. I have just purchased one of the new Macbook Pros with the M1 Pro chip. It is the base model for the 16" but way more computer than I have had to this point. I love the computer so far. Ill get to my question..
What is the best way to utilize Google Drive on the IOS platform considering the model and power I have. Do I download the Drive app for Mac OR do I just use drive like I always have on the Gsuite platform online? My business uses the G suite platform for everything so want to be as streamlined as possible.
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.19 02:00 xDukeSilverx What is preventing you from going to sleep currently?

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2022.01.19 02:00 TheMoparPowerslave What is the most underrated form of affection?

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2022.01.19 02:00 thePARIIAH Bad Omens - Like A Villain (NEW)

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2022.01.19 02:00 Rasen_God Why some get results quicker than others, and why you should stop comparing yourself (Tough Love)

Hello, I have created this post with the hopes it brings clearity to those that are questioning if something is wrong simply because someone else got results in a much less time crunch. This post will be slightly different than my other posts. I will not sugarcoat, so let's begin.
"21 days is bs because I got results in a week!"
21 days is not the exact estimate it'll take for results to come. In fact, it usually takes more than 21 days for a habit to form. If you believe that's "bs" then feel free to argue with Psychologists and Neuroscientists, who've been in the field longer than majority of the individuals in this community. (Pointing at you Mr Redditor)
"My friend got results from this subliminaI in 2 weeks. It's been 6 weeks for me and still no results.."
What many need to understand is that everyone is different.
We all have our own Beliefs, Memories, Values, Ideas, Knowledge, Identity, and overall Attitude. That's why it's pointless to make comparisons.
⬇️ Example ⬇️
• Tom has had low self-esteem and self-worth their entire life.
• Timmy has had low self-esteem and self-worth for a few months to a year.
• Tom and Timmy are both given the same exact subliminaI recording that's dedicated to high self-esteem and self-worth.
• Tom and Timmy understand the power of repetition, and listen to the subliminaI audio every day and overnight.
Are you still following? Good.
• Timmy began to notice changes with his mindset in under 21 days, but Tom has not even gotten the slightest changes.
• Because Timmy noticed changes so quick, Tom was in doubt and began to believe his subliminal audio wasn't working or atleast precieved it as insufficient in comparison to Timmy's subliminaI.
Overall view on the comparison: Years of negative programming VS Months of negative programming.
Question: How come Timmy received results far quicker than Tom despite both listening to the same recording? Is it because Tom has a negative mindset on subliminals? Is it all Tom's fault for not having a positive mindset on the subliminaI itself?
Answer: Timmy wasn't lucky or blessed to have gotten results faster. The reason why Timmy has gotten results quicker is because the negative programming (beliefs) in his subconscious mind is less enrooted compared to Tom. It wasn't because Tom has negative beliefs about subliminals, but more so due to having far deeply ingrained negative beliefs in his subconscious mind.
Conclusion: Ladies and gentleman, that right there is why we should stop comparing ourselves to others. I'm sorry, but if you're someone like Tom and decide to listen to a subliminaI recording to address those beliefs, you cannot compare yourself to someone else and expect yourself to achieve results at a similar time crunch. It's just not going to happen, that will only create high unrealistic expectations.
"Why does it take awhile for results to come?"
I'm glad you asked, but we need to understand how the subconscious mind learns.
• How does subconscious mind learn? Through habits.
• How is a habit formed? Through repetition.
• Why is repetition so important? Repetition increases the influence on persuasion.
"Oh brother, there he goes again with repetition!"
Yes, I have preached on repetition so many times, but I feel this is an appropriate post to go in-depth with why we need to be consistent.
The simple version: A subliminal messaging track feeds our subconscious mind affirmations, which act like thoughts. As you're consistently listening to your subliminaI messaging track, the affirmations soon form into habits, which will act upon autopilot. After a couple months of repetition, the subliminaI affirmations will become beliefs, changing your entire mindset.
The in-depth version: A subliminaI recording sends the same affirmations to the subjective part of our mind so it can form into a thought pattern. This thought pattern creates a mental circuit in our brain, and as we continue to repeat it, it becomes a subconscious behavioural pattern that runs on automation.
⬇️ Explaination ⬇️
When stimuli are learned by repetition, they are remembered better and retained for a longer time. When we're first starting out with our subliminaI recordings, the effects of the stimuli are weak, because it requires alot of repetition.
For subliminal messaging to be effective, we have to be able to semantically integrate and rapidly store unconscious pieces of information into long-lasting associative memories that can be retrieved if relevant to the context of a later decision.
⬇️ How long should I listen to my subliminaI recording? ⬇️
It depends on how solidly the idea was impressed and how long it has been in there, but in general it would be around 30 days of repeated listening before the new idea begins to override the current program.
Some people need more than 30 days and you might be one of them. Keep in mind that this is ok and your subconscious will absorb those repeated affirmations, assimilate them and create a new neural network in your brain.
With this in mind, most people who use subliminal messages fail to make changes in their lives because they listen to improperly made subliminal recordings (pretty common), or not allow enough repetition to take place and give up (usually unrealistic expectations).
⬇️ Conclusion ⬇️
Stop comparing yourself to others. Not only does that create high expectations, but it also influences you into making changes to your subliminaI routine. If someone you know has gotten results in under a month then it just means they have less resistence in this subject. It doesn't mean you did nothing wrong. It simply means you have deeply ingrained beliefs that need more time to be replaced. We have a tendency to blame ourselves when our expectations aren't fulfilled, and that's not okay.
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2022.01.19 02:00 goodpostsaboutvoting Missouri House rejects gerrymander of Democrat's seat, advances '6-2' congressional plan ...

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2022.01.19 02:00 Aonikz PC crashes are ruining this game for me

Anyone else in the PC community still suffering from constant crashes? And because so I’m now banned and deranked from ranked arena due to this happening two times in a row.
Buts it’s okay 343 is focussed on events and adjusting their pathetically overpriced store 🤷🏻‍♂️
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2022.01.19 02:00 Realistic_Ad_5669 ¿Qué tan bueno o fácil es vender por internet?

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2022.01.19 02:00 The-Bulborb Have you guys ever noticed Electro’s scars are in shape of a star like classic Electro’s mask?

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2022.01.19 02:00 lemonpoppyseed13 Migraines

Dr appointment today. Getting updated medicine for my migraines, talking to my Dr about people who claim migraines that are way to hyper. Even she says they don't have a migraine acting like that
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2022.01.19 02:00 DMHshadow You Will Never Do Anything Remarkable [15:21]

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2022.01.19 02:00 BroMandi [Walmart] Boys' Tie Dye Graphic Pullover Hoodie: Minecraft, Pokémon, Star Wars & More $7.50 + FS w/ Walmart+ or FS on $35+ [Deal: $7.50, Actual: $22.98]

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2022.01.19 02:00 NachrichtenDE_Bot Cannabis auf Rezept: Was bleibt von den Erwartungen?

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2022.01.19 02:00 icydata Recap: MTL @ DAL

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2022.01.19 02:00 Turbulent-16350 My two new 5 week old rats got along with my 1 year old rat. A few weeks later, one is sleeping separately. Is this a bad sign?

Are they sorting out dominance now that they are a little older? Is the one sleeping alone being rejected, or is it independence? Is this a sign of possible rat fights in the future?
The one sleeping alone is sleeping in a hammock at the top, and the bigger rat and other young one are nesting on the bottom. Should I take all the levels out so they have to be with/sleep with each other more?
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2022.01.19 02:00 SketchyGranola 1 year old whines in his sleep and Idk what else to do.

I am at my wits end with this and my husband when it comes to this tbh. My 16 month old whines in his sleep. Its lile a restless whine if that makes sense? He isn't awake. His eyes are closed, You can jostle him and he is unphased. Due to our current living situation, our son sleeps in our bed. Nearly every night, he starts to whine and i can't figure out why or what to do. He has allergies, but is on medication for it. He isn't teething. I've tried giving him Tylenol before bed, and it doesn't help. He isn't sick. He's done this fpr quite some time now, and I'm just at a loss. My husband gets irate over it. He often resorts to yelling at our son, telling him to shut up and to stop moving, kicking, etc. Obviously this does nothing because, 1. he's a baby. And 2. he's a baby that's asleep. I get irate at my husband for yelling at our restless sleeping son. Husband sleeps on couch. Rinse. Repeat. I have noticed our son usually calms and stops whining about an hour after my husband leaves the room. I don't know if it's anxiety induced. I just have no idea. Does anyone else's baby do this? What else can I try?
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2022.01.19 02:00 Dreyfussy15 this shit writes itsslf better than Buffy

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2022.01.19 02:00 AustralianTank123 weathering

i have done quite a lot of models now and i like the pristine look but with my desert tanks i have done desert weathering with chipping, im ok at doing that, but im not really good at doing weathering for mud anyone got any tricks for doing mud? any tips apprieciated
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2022.01.19 02:00 NachrichtenDE_Bot Ukraine-Konflikt: US-Außenminister Blinken trifft Selenskyj

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2022.01.19 02:00 NachrichtenDE_Bot Liveblog: ++ RKI meldet mehr als 112.000 Neuinfektionen ++

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2022.01.19 02:00 DMHshadow The Unreasonable Effectiveness of JPEG: A Signal Processing Approach [34:47]

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2022.01.19 02:00 ProperlyJumbled Sell or Use?

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