Can we talk about that confederate sympathizer flag on our US trading portfolios?

2022.01.19 02:16 scottiejhaines Can we talk about that confederate sympathizer flag on our US trading portfolios?

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2022.01.19 02:16 vandelayIndustries29 Am I crazy or is FN super expensive now??

Just wondering if anyone has noticed how CRAZY expensive fashion nova has become in just the last year? A shirt I would have gotten before for $12 is now sells for like $40! I would understand if the quality had improved as well but its still the same cheap thin fabric. 🥴
I haven't ordered from them in about a year (actually I did in December but my package never came, they did refund it tho) but I was just shook because they are charging designer prices now. Or am I trippin?
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2022.01.19 02:16 CodexCat The cat came back.

I’m back. I caught Auspex Tactics’ video concerning the Tau leaks and I wanted to clarify a few things he reported incorrectly (or I wrote unclearly the first time).
Saviour Protocols – 1 CP, Epic Deed Stratagem
Use this Stratagem in any Phase, when a saving throw is failed for a model in a unit from you army. Select one friendly DRONE model within 3” of that unit or within 6” of that unit if it contains a model equipped with a drone controller. That DRONE model is destroyed and the Damage characteristic of that attack is changed to 0.
This works on everything. I saw some people reporting that the Riptide or Stormsurge could not benefit from this. That is not accurate. Originally, I was keying on these two models not being able to benefit from the improved 6” zone granted by having a drone controller.
In the case of the Stormsurge, this was a mistake on my part. A drone controller is part of the basic wargear of the unit, buried in that mass of equipment right under the statlines. It reads as follows:
“A Stormsurge is equipped with: cluster rocket system; 4 destroyer missiles; twin T’au flamer; pulse driver cannon; 2 smart missile systems; drone controller; target lock; velocity tracker; thunderous footfalls.” The stats on Thunderous Footfalls are S User, AP -2, Dmg 2. All for the low, low price of 330 pts.
Drone controller rules are: “In your Command phase, you can select one DRONE unit within 6” of the bearer. Until the start of your next Command phase: DRONE models in that unit have a Ballistic Skill characteristic of 4+. GUN DRONE models in that unit lose the Threat Identification Protocol ability.”
Riptides and Broadsides CANNOT have drone controllers, which feels egregious to me as both units can pay extra for specialist fighting drones used nowhere else in the army. I know you built them because I too built them. (Shielded missile drones are W2 now.) Friggin’ Pathfinders get a drone controller now, which certainly improves my opinion of the Recon drone.
Sure, another model with a drone controller can nominate the unit in the Command phase but that feels… like an obvious oversight? A battlesuit should be able to keep their own house in order, I think. Maybe a purposeful omission, but still frustrating.
The Counterfire Defence System is a support system for the following units: Commander in Crisis Suit, Crisis Battlesuits, Crisis Bodyguards, Riptide, Stormsurge.
The Hammerhead ion cannon is Dmg 2(3), but only the Overcharge profile has Blast. With the average of 3d3 being 6, this makes it very similar to the Ghostkeel’s CIR.
Heavy rail rifles cause an additional MW on successful wound roll, not on wound rolls of 6. “Each time a successful wound roll is made for an attack with this weapon, the target suffers 1 mortal wound in addition to any other damage.”
Further clarification on Broadsides, this is the wording for their wargear options:
“Any number of BATTLESUIT models can each have their heavy rail rifle replaced with 2 high-yield missile pods.
Any number of BATTLESUIT models can each be equipped with up to two of the following (duplicates on the same model are not allowed):
1 advanced targeting system, 1 early warning override, 1 multi-tracker, 1 seeker missile, 1 stabilised optics, 1 twin plasma rifle, 1 twin smart missile system (cannot be equipped alongside twin plasma rifle), 1 velocity tracter
NOTE: No model can be equipped with more than one of the following: early warning override, stabilized optics, twin plasma rifle, velocity tracker
For every BATTLESUIT model in this unit, it can be equipped with up to two of the following, in any combination (Power Rating +1): 1 Gun drone; 1 Marker drone; 1 Missile drone; 1 Shield drone.”
(As though the first line needs the BATTLESUIT tag qualification. Nothing else in the unit has a heavy rail rifle to replace.)
As an apology for my mistakes, here is Darkstrider:
M7, WS3+, BS2+, S3, T3, W5, A3, Ld9 Sv 4+
Darkstrider is equipped with: markerlight; Shade. Your army can only include one DARKSTRIDER model.
Structural Analyser: In your Command phase, you can select one friendly T’AU SEPT CORE unit within 6” of this model and one enemy unit visible to this model. Until the end of the turn, each time a model in that T’AU SEPT CORE unit makes a ranged attack against that enemy unit, add 1 to that attack’s wound roll.
Target Uploaded: This unit can start the Fire Markerlights action at the end of your Movement phase, instead of at the start.
Drone Familiar Cluster: Each time this model is selected to shoot, you can re-roll one hit roll and one wound roll when resolving this model’s attacks.
Fighting Retreat (Aura): While a friendly T’AU SEPT CORE unit (excluding BATTLESUIT units) is within 6” of this model, that unit is eligible to shoot in a turn in which it Fell Back.
Vanguard: At the start of the first battle round, this model can make a Normal Move of up to 7”. They cannot end this move within 9” of any enemy models.
(Pathfinders share the Target Uploaded and Vanguard rules.)
Here are two abilities on the Devilfish (95 pts base):
Armoured Aggression: At the start of the first battle round, before the first turn begins, if you selected the Mont’ka Tactical Philosophy at the start of the battle, this unit can make a Normal Move of up to 9”. It cannot end this move within 9” of any enemy models.
Tactical Disengagement: At the end of your Movement Phase, if you selected the Kauyon Tactical Philosophy at the start of the battle and the mission you are playing is using the Strategic Reserves rule, you can remove this unit from the battlefield if it is within 9” of any battlefield edges and place it in Strategic Reserves.
Devilfish cannot transport Battlesuit units. What did you think this was? AdMech?
Pathfinders, Strikes, and Breachers have the FIRE WARRIOR TEAM keyword, which makes them eligible to benefit from the Devilfish’s RR1s to Hit aura stratagem AND the Cadre Fireblade’s RR1s to Hit Command phase buff.
Here are some other Stratagems I didn’t mention before:
Recon Sweep – 1 CP, Strategic Ploy
Use this Stratagem in your Shooting phase, when a PATHFINDER TEAM unit from your army successfully completes the Fire Markerlights action (pg XX). Each time you roll to see if an enemy unit gains a Markerlight token as a result of that action completing, add 1 to the roll. That unit can make a Normal Move.
(Just throw that last line in there. No big deal. Not that important…)
Ionised Shockfield – 2 CP, Wargear
Use this Stratagem in your Shooting phase, when a model in an enemy unit is destroyed as a result of an attack made with an ion weapon (pg XXX) by a model from your army. Until the start of your next Shooting phase, that enemy unit is not affected by the aura abilities of other enemy units.
(What a name.)
On-board Sensors – 1 CP, Battle Tactic
Use this Stratagem at the start of your Shooting phase. Select one DEVILFISH model from your army and one enemy unit within 24” of and visible to that model. Until the end of the phase, the DEVILFISH model gains the following ability: “Sensor Link (Aura): While a friendly FIRE WARRIOR TEAM unit is within 6” of this model, each time a model in that unit makes a ranged attack against the selected enemy unit, re-roll a hit roll of 1.”
(This is the RR1s aura strat I’ve mentioned. This one works on Drones in the squad, which is unusual in the book.)
Combat Debarkation – 1 CP, Epic Deed
Use this Stratagem at the start of your Movement phase.
- If you selected the Mont’ka Tactical Philosophy at the start of the battle and it is the first, second, or third battle round, select up to three DEVILFISH models from your army.
- If you selected the Kauyon Tactical Philosophy at the start of the battle and it is the third, fourth, or fifth battle round, select up to three DEVILFISH models from your army.
- Otherwise, select one DEVILFISH model from your army.
Until the end of the phase, each time one of those models makes a Normal Model, after it has moved, any units embarked within that transport can disembark. Any units that do so cannot charge this turn.
Backup AI – 1 CP, Epic Deed: This is the “acts as though it has full wounds” strat for the book. It works on any model with a degrading profile. Stimulant Injector has been removed and replaced with a one-use, lasts-one-phase 4+++ (the Stimm Injectors prototype).
Emergency Dispensation – Gets you those sweet relics.
Promising Pupil – Gets more Warlord traits.
Other Observations/Musings/Answers to DM Questions
Automated Repair System is gone. There are no stratagems or abilities to heal lost wounds. There are no recursive effects to return dead models to play like an Apothecary. There are no stratagems to rearm expended seeker missiles or give you a second use of a one-use item (see above Stimm Injectors). There’s no warlord trait to give you the ability to stack two prototypes on the same character, like how Blood Angels can take a Relic and use a warlord trait to have the Special Issue Wargear as well. (You can already stack a Relic and a Prototype on the same character, so I guess we already have that in some ways.)
Kroot rifles are AP 0 when shooting. AP -1 in melee.
There are six distinct Burst cannons in the codex: Burst cannon, Piranha burst cannon, Accelerator burst cannon, High-output burst cannon, Heavy burst cannon, and DW-02 Advanced burst cannon. The last one is a prototype (+15 pts) 18” Assault 8, S6, AP -1, D1 with this ability: Each time an attack made with this weapon is allocated to a model, that model cannot use any rules to ignore the wounds it loses.
Neither this nor the FSE warlord trait will let you do more than 4 wounds to Ghaz in one phase. I hate that rule just as much as you do but we have to live with it.
Shadowsun’s Hit RR buff is the same as Chapter Master buff, so it only works on Core and Characters, but works on T’au Empire units, rather than just T’au Sept units. It does not buff the unit’s gun drones, though. If I said or implied this buff worked on non-core (Riptide, Ghostkeel, etc), I was wrong. There are no “promotion” Requisition stratagems to turn a Commander into a… Big Commander with a full RR buff. Cannot create a Veteran Cadre or even make a single Veteran Shas’vre with enhanced stats.
My first thought when seeing 4W Crisis suits was “Oh cool, melta doesn’t automatically kill me now” followed by “It takes twice as many thunder hammer attacks to wipe my squad now. Where is your wolf god now, Frank*?!?”
Piranha squad size remains 1 to 5. Piranhas can Outflank now. Piranha fusion blaster is Assault 1, Dmg d6+2, Melta rule. Commanders suffer the increasing costs for duplicate weapons “design” as well. The LoS strat for seeker missiles can apply to Seekers, Destroyers, and the Sky Ray seeker missile rack. SMS is AP -1 now.
Breacher squads CANNOT have stealth drones. I double check the book every time I read somebody repeating this, so I must have look at least three times now. Guardian Drones and Stealth Drones look very similar, so that’s an easy mistake to make. This is exacerbated by the new, handsome art page showing all the drone types (and support turret). The stealth drone on the page has the wrong top disc shape, so it looks much more like the Guardian drone. Plus side, the other page has art of all the support systems now! Except the broadside-only ones. Those are in the margin next to the broadside data sheet. Two steps forward, James...
The support turret: “In your Movement phase, each time this unit is selected to move, if it contains a Support Turret model that is on the battlefield you can remove that model from the battlefield (it does not count as destroyed).” So, you don’t have to leave Trash-chan behind, but you DO have to give up another Movement phase to set it up again. Maybe someday you’ll notice them, sempai. (You really must want that SMS. Hey, aren’t there some nuns who just sprint around with multi-meltas with no penalty?)
Build-a-Sept. You explicitly cannot choose two traits from the same Sector.
Sanctioned leaking: No, I am not. I think they’d allow people take blurry potato-cam if they were sanctioned to leak. That guy putting out pictures of the new Eldar models 5+ weeks before launch absolutely is. Also, at this point, around 90% of the codex has been leaked, which is too much, too fast. I think you don't know about 5 strats, 4 prototype systems, some of the build-a-sept traits, and around half the relics. Oh, and Crusade is still mostly a mystery, I suppose. Really, not a lot left to mine there.
*Names have been changed to protect the guilty. You know who you are.
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2022.01.19 02:16 Doppler-Gaydar The pendulum of peer reviewed science swinging back with a vengeance...

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2022.01.19 02:16 musterduster284 Indian Architect, as a response to the Bhuj earthquake(India) that lost 13,000 lives, created a memorial surrounded by 13,000 plants and 81 reservoirs that inscribed names of each victim

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2022.01.19 02:16 PeeLong I’ve been collecting since 2001. How am I doing?

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2022.01.19 02:16 jobsinanywhere Did Locke buy Stan, the most expensive Tyrannosaurus Rex on record?

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2022.01.19 02:16 kar-98 remembering life before covid be like

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2022.01.19 02:16 Eastern-Performer-53 Hajimari Steam Save

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share a save file of hajimari that I could use to load into ng+?
I recall reading about this for previous installments in order to be able to spend time with everyone in the first play through.
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2022.01.19 02:16 Massive_Technician47 I need to put my 5-5-5 darting gunner

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2022.01.19 02:16 dashitfuq Why do I bleed when having a bowel movement?

Please note that I’m not bleeding rectally. The bleeding is from my vagina.
Im on continuous birth control pills for about 7 months now. I noticed that whenever I go to the bathroom I get bloody discharge from my vagina.
I have confirmed endometriomas in my ovaries and am waiting to see a gynaecologist soon.
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2022.01.19 02:16 Minh1403 What Ring 4 boss do you hate most?

Another poll corner. Ring 4 and 5 is the 1st time the game jumps up its difficulty spike by a large margin. Ring 4 actually used to be quite tamed, but with the DLC, it has proven to be as destructive as ring 5. In this poll, I will try to describe the boss as much as I can, together with their special attributes at 50 Pact Shards.
Party Boi: probably the most fearsome guy in ring 4. The strength gap between 45 and 50 Pact Shards for this guy is insane. Just one Multistrike makes everything so much stronger.
Garbage Big Guy: This guy is only annoying for deck that spreads out units on multiple floor and the shard is above 100. The emberdrain is only relevant when you let him enjoys his slay for a lot. Easiest boss of Ring 4 in the DLC.
Remember Me!: Used to be a forgettable boss cuz no special trait, but in the DLC, just sometimes, he can still catch you off-guard by destroying your backliner with his Spikes.

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2022.01.19 02:16 superwafl How do I ask someone out?

As a 14f I'm aware of the "Hey do you want go to ___" but I'm a teenager who can't drive where are we supposed to go anymore. Anyway I just need help with everything about it. How to word it, when to say it, etc
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2022.01.19 02:16 Mysterious_Art_2916 Patient with disc prolapse

I have a patient (21y old male) with history of weight lifting. MRI reports suggested a disc herniated- l3l4. The patient has no radiating symptoms in the leg and the pain is just present on the lumbar region. He has severe iliocoastalis lumborum spasm and tenderness is present. The patient isn't comfortable with dry needling and even MFR with light pressure is quite painful. Yesterday after light MFR, and providing a hot pack, the muscles started paining acutely and was subsided with ice massage. He feels better in extension positions and wears a lumbosacral belt. PS - He is not on medications now but did take a few a week back for the pain
Can you provide your physiotherapy advice for the same?
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2022.01.19 02:16 ZookeepergameExtra23 A girl I really liked stop talking to when I told her I was going to be a dad

I’ve had the biggest crush on this girl since high school, she was the quiet type so it was very hard to get her attention in school it wasn’t till after graduating I finally got to talk to her. When I finally got to talk to her we went on a few dates and it was amazing, her conversations, her optimism, her personality, it was great I was happy being around her and she was happy being around me she expressed it in every way possible! but a few months before I started talking to her I had sex at a party with my ex’s and she ended up pregnant and I didn’t find out till months later. The day I found out I immediately told her, she opened the message and didn’t reply. I went on to take care of my ex and my baby but through out the whole thing I would think about her. I’m a single dad and I have no interest of being with my ex (plenty of reasons why) but I’m definitely in my babies life and it’s given my world a different meaning but I really miss her and it’s been months since we last talk? Should I try and talk to her again or just let it be? What’s some advice
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2022.01.19 02:16 LoveMangaBuddy Read The Second Coming of Gluttony - Chapter 93 - TrueManga

He was an addict, a loser, a despicable human being. But, one fleeting dream that may not have been a dream at all reawakens his once-lost senses. Possessing a very unique ability, he would use that, and the dream, to forge his path in the world now known as the Lost Paradise. ... Read The Second Coming of Gluttony - Chapter 93 - TrueManga. Read more at
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