New Student Here

2021.12.08 21:20 throWawAy22Random New Student Here

What do you guys use to access all necessary information for classes? Is it Carmen, Canvas, Blackboard, etc. I don’t know what it is and where on earth to find it.
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2021.12.08 21:20 ninjaisverypleb Tribbing teens kik idontusethisap

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2021.12.08 21:20 Archivist_Photo Nikon Z6 + 24-105mm F/4 - Car Photography - Custom Dodge Charger

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2021.12.08 21:20 joemamameifurgae Where is this from

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2021.12.08 21:20 thrwidk Should I offer a job to the woman I'm falling in love

I'm working in film industry in my country and for every project we build a different team. I'm falling in love with my last assistant. I didn't make any move cause its unethical. She deserves the job cause she is really good at it but my performance would take a hit as long as I don't solve my feelings. I don't know what to do.
P.s. sorry for my english
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2021.12.08 21:20 DarthLithgow 1969 Toronto Rock and Roll Revival featuring John Lennon Plastic Ono Band.

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2021.12.08 21:20 crystalllmth825555 Just gonna leave this here for the noobs

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2021.12.08 21:20 BolivianTorchEnt White spots that come off like dust

I'm noticing these white dusty spots on my cacti in a room I have kept them in since the colder days started. Started happening about 2 weeks ago but i noticed that there were a few that it stopped happening to. Really worried don't wanna lose my whole collection. Any advice or tips greatly appreciated.
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2021.12.08 21:20 2-_-_-_-_-2 What did President Hoover think of nuclear weapons?

Hoover was president in a very different world than that of the early 1960’s when he died. Did he ever make any comments on what he thought of nuclear weapons, or more specifically the Cuban Missile Crisis?
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2021.12.08 21:20 RoleWest3272 Reshiram add 6002 5614 8340

Inv 10 add 6002 5614 8340
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2021.12.08 21:20 Proud-Dig3139 Hmmmmm

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2021.12.08 21:20 Sterling_Stuff_87 Does anyone know if the pro M1 (13 and 14 inch) can run Total War Thrones of Britannia?

As the title says it's one of the few games I really want to play and would love to know if anyone here has played it on the MacBook Pro even at low settings? Any responses are greatly appreciated, thank you.
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2021.12.08 21:20 Gorgon_Ow Lenovo Chromebook IdeaPad flex 5 Suddenly stopped working.

I was browsing chrome when suddenly my chromebook froze, then turned black. I can still see my cursor, but it’s frozen. I’ve tried to restart / hard restart it, but it hasn’t started again, and has stayed a black screen. I can also here the fan going when I’m on the black screen. I’m currently trying to drain its power, but it has been 5 hours, and it still hasn’t died. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.08 21:20 poridiaa Reshiram Raid Happening Now!

FC: 2699 5931 4379 (millsien)
Don’t leave once you’re in, I have to leave and come back to add more people. Keep status online to make it easier please!
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2021.12.08 21:20 centsdinkleberries Can ubi please make a new mechanic

It has been stale for forever. Ub undodgeable bash hyper armor. Give us a new mechanic this has gotten boring. Espically with your new found love for undodgeable bash mix up that it seems every other character is getting.
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2021.12.08 21:20 CrumpetsGalore70 These bushes were parched during the summer due to delayed move-in. I tried watering twice a week each week since then but they’re still dying. How do I save them? In CA.

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2021.12.08 21:20 HBWgaming Hardstuck Plat and Need Tips

Hi. So lately i've been playing a lot of TFT, and i breezed through the early ranks. Once i hit gold 3 i got snagged a bit but made it up into plat. Since then i've been stuck on win loss win loss and cant seem to get out of bottom plat.

I've been watching some Soju videos and have been trying to understand the important of win streaking and when to do it and not inting for BiS items and getting the best i can out of what im given. Other than that, any tips or pointers?
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2021.12.08 21:20 axel_ave Should I buy a MBA M1?

Should I buy a MacBook Air? Currently I have a gaming pc but I am looking at buying a MBA. The reason behind me purchasing an MBA is cause college will now be half present and half online and i would like to be able to work on my stuff and study basically anywhere. If I buy this MacBook, I would also keep it for a while since In 2022 fall I will be transferring to a university as I’m currently in a community college. So the thing is, should I buy it now since I have the money for it or should I wait until Fall 2022 to buy it?
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2021.12.08 21:20 jobsinanywhere Instagram chief denies platform prioritises profit over users’ mental health

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2021.12.08 21:20 seherons A lair for Vladimir—definitely my most extravagant HHP build so far!

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2021.12.08 21:20 Reeav what is the name of this perk pack ???

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2021.12.08 21:20 TrendsWide NASA selects the Puerto Rican Marcos Gabriel Berrios for the astronaut school | Video

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2021.12.08 21:20 BradWurscht test

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2021.12.08 21:20 TrendsWide In New York, the fall of the Cuomo brothers

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2021.12.08 21:20 FreeFlyFabulous Ben after getting a face trim.

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