FREE: Ticket to Off With Their Heads @ Holy Diver tonight

2021.12.08 22:12 GregoryPecker FREE: Ticket to Off With Their Heads @ Holy Diver tonight

Hey y’all - I’m super bummed to be writing this post. I have one PDF ticket to see Off With Their Heads at Holy Diver tonight. Doors are at 7. Openers are Supercrush and Slingshot Dakota.
Unfortunately, I’m sick and both don’t have the energy to make it to the show nor do I want to bring any diseases into the small venue (did test negative for COVID on Monday). Not looking to make any money on the ticket; just would rather see it get used rather than go to waste. Any punks out there want to go to the show?
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2021.12.08 22:12 VennysCult What is the biggest life lesson you've learned so far?

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2021.12.08 22:12 CitizenBleed More garbage from human garbage Chris Cooke

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2021.12.08 22:12 DaddysKitten4270 πŸŒ• Orbit Token 🚨 The FIRST MOON MetaVerse Token! πŸ“ | βœ… CMC & Coin Gecko βœ… | πŸ“ Ownership Renounced πŸ“ | πŸ”’ LP Locked 1 Year πŸ”’ | ⭐ ONLY $1m MC ⭐

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2021.12.08 22:12 DUMPL1NG5 Metrobank CC Application

Metrobank CC Application I tried applying for a Metrobank Titanium Mastercard through MB's website last November 22, 2021 but their CS still can't find my application in their records up to today (December 9, 2021). However, when I try to apply again through the website, I get the message in the photo below.
Does anybody know how long it takes for the application to push through?
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2021.12.08 22:12 scigineerist Airbender Revenge

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2021.12.08 22:12 likemikelikemike Found this in tue driveway coming back from my run.

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2021.12.08 22:12 Ramifi01 Do you have any issue on any cypto account

Hello, CM administrator at Wanaka Official [ENG] here to assist you
You are currently facing any issues? If yes kindly reply by stating them
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2021.12.08 22:12 Lola1-b For Hire; semi-realistic anime-ish painterly style, nsfw, OCs, all welcome!

Hi! I'm offering art commissions in a semi-realistic, semi-painterly, semi-anime style (if that makes sense!) I also offer nsfw work, won't judge anything, just message me or email me and let me know what you'd like.
Here's a post with the breakdown:
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2021.12.08 22:12 mauropapichulo [PS4] H: Helmet W: Caps

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2021.12.08 22:12 Prestigious_Year_311 πŸ’Ž EverTron πŸ’Ž | 7% Tron Rewards | EverVerse Ecosystem in Development| Marketing Starts now | Low MC Gem | Massive Rewards

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2021.12.08 22:12 ContentForager2 The Popeye's kid from that meme just won State Championship with his football team! (/r/newjersey)

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2021.12.08 22:12 Skoll_sun_eater First time this has ever happened?

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2021.12.08 22:12 luckybeth F30 just playing around

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2021.12.08 22:12 mintjulep30 Who has been DMed by someone famous? What did they say?

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2021.12.08 22:12 FatuiScaramouche WTT genshin AR55 EU 19x5*

+Hu tao C1+Staff of homa lvl90
+Venti C2
+Diluc C1
+Wolf's gravestone
+Mona C2
+The unforged
+Amos bow
+welkin 153 days
Lf:Equal or higher 5* Musts:EU server
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2021.12.08 22:12 Automatic-Profit4577 My first legendary shiny so I’m trying to see what legendary shiny offers there are 😌

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2021.12.08 22:12 simon_sjw RTX A4000 vs RTX 3080 TI

Hi All,
I'm looking at building a system for data science (using PyTorch and a timeseries database). It appears that the advice is that an RTX A4000 would be the best for my use case but people have said that if supply constraints get me, I can settle for an RTX 3080 TI instead.
However, when I look at the spec. and performance measures, it appears the RTX 3080 TI wins out. It has more cuda cores (10,240 vs 6,144), wider memory interface (384 vs 256 bit) and all round better performance. The only edge that I can see for the A4000 is that it has 16GB memory compared to 12GB for the RTX 3080 TI.
Can you advise what I'm missing? In what way is the A4000 better than the RTX3080 in a PyTorch/ machine learning context?
Thanks and regards,
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2021.12.08 22:12 Indianaunderwood β€œI get blamed for the children and the problem children”

Kody said this in the most recent episode. Who are the problem children??? Ysabel, wanting her back fixed? Mariah pursing a life of her own away form the family, what’s wrong with her? Gabriel being defiant and standing up for himself?
Literally what is Kody talking about. I would be SO offended if I was any of Kody’s kids with this comment. Opinions on who/what he means?
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2021.12.08 22:12 DavidisnotBlack Found a nice little secret (map location added)

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2021.12.08 22:12 Stenv2 The one where Ruby takes a moment and thinks about it longer.

Ren: What is it?
Ruby: I've been thinking.
Ren: What about?
Ruby: Well... why are we going to Haven?
Jaune: Well we need to get Cinder.
Ruby: I do want to take her down Jaune. But... why do we need to walk to Haven? Why not wait a little longer and then get a better mode of transportation there? On top of that. Let's say we get to Haven, let's say we run into Cinder and actually beat her. What then?
Jaune: Wha?
Ruby: Jaune.... We're not even full hunters. I want to help people. I want to save people. But I know I am nowhere near strong enough or skilled enough. So I got a plan.
Nora: Aww but I want to smash legs.
Ruby: If my plan is successful you will get pancaaaaakes~
Timejump to Haven. Cinder smirked as she entered through the portal to Haven, only to blink as she, Raven, Emerald, Hazel, and Mercury couldn't move all of a sudden. And they were covered in a purple aura.
Out of the shadows stepped a familiar face. Glynda Goodwitch adjusted her glasses with her free hand.
"Port. Light em up." She stated.
"TALLYHOOOOO!!!!!" Port said hefting his weapon. Unable to move, the group of villains could only blink as he fired his weapon, Raven tried to move, to pull the trigger, but then it fell off?
"Ooo bad luck there sis," Qrow smirked casually while holding a tied-up unconscious Leonardo. "You know originally I was just going to let the kids come up here. But Ruby brought up some good points, chatted it out with Glynda. And as we speak, she's training with Oobleck and Taiyang. Slaying Grimm, chilling and enjoying life, and just helping out everyone in Vale. Good times. End of the road for you though." He took out Harbinger in scythe mode, and held it with a confident swagger.
Back in Beacon. Ruby huffed as she and Jaune ran through the latest obstacle course set by Taiyang. They were getting stronger by the day, and while she enjoyed that, what she looked forward to the most was continuing to help people in Vale. And then to one day travel the world, and help everyone else. I am really glad of my choices right now.
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2021.12.08 22:12 Aggressive-Drink6648 Might be a bit biased

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2021.12.08 22:12 lilsp00kypumpkin Our Home Was Haunted?

So I've always wanted to share my experiences regarding a home my family lived in for about 4 years. It was an old Victorian built in 1890 in Rhode Island. My mom had the master bedroom on the first floor off the living room, and my two siblings and I had the 3 bedrooms on the 2nd floor. If my mom forgot to set her alarm for work at night, the clock radio in the living room or the kitchen would go off at the time she needed in the morning. Without fail, and again ONLY when she forgot to set hers. Another time my brother had called me in the afternoon asking if our mom was OK because he assumed she had been at work when he noticed her car wasn't in the driveway, but heard her in her bedroom. Apparently our dog had started barking, and he heard our mom clear as day yell "SHUT UP, HUNNIE." This was followed by some rustling. I told him my mom was NOT home and I had to come home to keep him company because of course he was terrified. The most notable experience took place on a night that my two brothers and I were home alone watching TV. My mom was taking care of our Nana this night so it was just us. The three of us heard the front door open, keys jingling, and footsteps coming in. We assumed it was mom, and we all looked towards the entryway to greet her. Nothing. I called her up asking why she left, and she said she never came home. I don't know how else this could be explained when all three of us distinctly heard someone enter the house. Yes, the door was LOCKED I was a psycho about that when we were home alone, lol. Another weird thing that may not mean much is I frequently had some VIVID nightmares of a shadow man being in the house with me. I never had those dreams again after moving out. I never found out if there were any deaths or anything here, either.
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2021.12.08 22:12 ZoobBot 191670

This is the 191670th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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