Anyone know what the most recent eta for frosthaven is I can’t seem to find anything anywhere online thanks in advance

2021.12.08 21:26 yeet-to-infinity Anyone know what the most recent eta for frosthaven is I can’t seem to find anything anywhere online thanks in advance

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2021.12.08 21:26 I-am-Jacksmirking Starting Pristiq tomorrow.

Took a genetic test and it came back in the green for pristiq. I’ve been on lexapro which does nothing for my anxiety. Can anyone give me any advice or share their stories on what I should be expecting?
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2021.12.08 21:26 trailer8k My Name Is Giovanni Giorgio

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2021.12.08 21:26 tart-the-lemoncat Unused Works

Has any one been able to find access to them in FLAC? I bought the full OST, but I'd really love to get my hands on hard files of the unused tracks. God, Berlinist's work will always astound me.
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2021.12.08 21:26 TrumpsHands It's that time of year again.

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2021.12.08 21:26 Beltorze How do you choose who to use Multi Z Power on?

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2021.12.08 21:26 KerenskysSpirit The most of laughed playing this game in a longggg time

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2021.12.08 21:26 Morrigan_NicDanu Our Universe is Hell part 13

Chapter 1
Jaymos is decidedly ahead of the crowd as much to lead the way as to avoid the interrogation that Tchon is undergoing. He leads them off the relatively small military vessel and onto the ginormous pirate ship.
Their first view of which is a large landing bay sans any other ships. The crowd behind gawks as they step out of the light military cruiser.
“Just wait til you see it’s full size. And the design of the outside. You'll never guess. But let's head down to the cafeteria and then organize living arrangements. There's plenty of rooms throughout and are rather spacious.” Says Jaymos as he continues on through the bay and towards the exit door.
Blaw'nid jogs ahead to catch up with Jaymos. She looks him over and asks “So did the humans put you in charge?”
Jaymos gives a short laugh and says “They have already taught me a lot about war, fleets, organizing an army, and organizational matters concerning cities. So I have about as much authority as that and yous give me.”
Blaw'nids eyes narrow as she considers him. “That's not a yes or a no. You sound quite a bit like them. How do we know you arent one of them in disguise? Or grown in a vat and puppeted?”
Jaymos snorts. “Well for one I have a soul and the humans know next to nothing about souls as they apparently have none. You can look it up to your hearts content later. However it is true that I have quickly assimilated into them. Guess that happens when they scare the shit out of you while rescuing you from the nether itself, save you again from a military boarding party, bring you to one of their O'Neil cylinders, declare war on an entire other universe's systems of dominations, proceed to party, and you start a quasi-relationship with one you met during an orgy, and then spend a majority of the remaining time learning about their core philosophies.”
Blaw'nid opens her mouth a couple times to speak during this but doesn't quite find the words until he finishes. “Sounds like a lot has happened to you. Is that why you are dressed so….” She searches for the word.
Jaymos says the word for her. “Humanly?” To which Blaw’nid nods. Jaymos continues “Yeah. They said I should look like a pirate and Isabella designed me a wardrobe based on suggestions from the others and my input on the matter.” He looks down at his outfit. He has on a long bright red trench coat with real gold embroidery. His vest is a bright black somehow. As if rather than rather than a lack of light it is a light that the eye can only interpret to be black as it pops rather than appear as a flat hole cut out from reality. Which worked well again with the gold embroidery. Bright blue pants with again real gold embroidery and shiny black boots that go considerably up his calf. His shirt under his vest is a bright and pristine white shirt. His blonde hair, all previously shaven, was beginning to peak out from his scalp. He also has various rings, bangles, necklaces, and even earrings all from precious metals and stones.
“It's very bright. Even the black. Is that real gold?” Blaw'nid asks.
Jaymos blushes and says “Pirate is supposed to embody a certain type of wealth and ostentatiousness as an archetype so they insisted it be so. I gave in after they told me that while yes it has various utilitarian functions and is used in technology they literally have enough that they can play around with it if they want. They say it’s good to have things on hand just in case they are needed. And they brought a lot to play with. They literally set aside gold for the ship to “play" with. I checked the ship manifest. It's literally listed as play.”
“On what conditions?” Blaw'nid asks expectantly. Jaymos laughs “Proximity and don't take it all?” he says as he shrugs.
“As long as I can find the gold and open the vault or something?”
Again Jaymos laughs. “Find it? The ship will put green arrows down to a fabricator. It can shit out gold stuff you design. From coins and bars to embroidered cloth and even their intricate relics from the past the have on file.” He looks down close to his neck and holds up his gold neck ring. “That's how I got this torc. It’s based on ancient neck ring of Celts. This one specifically from somewhere called Snettisham.” He takes off the torc and hands it over to Blaw'nid. “Here take it. Its heavy. I'll print another one out later.”
She takes the ring and maneuvers her hair out of the way and puts on the torc. Indeed it is heavy in the hand. Less noticeable when worn. “So I can just print out some clothes just as ornate?”
Jaymos turns around and calls out to the crowd following behind. “Hey let's take a quick detour. I want to show yous something.” He brings them to a nearby large room filled with forges, kilns, workbenches, and tools of various sorts. “This is an arts and craft room. Here you find fabricators which can straight make most things or give you raw materials or components to use with various tools.”
He walks up to the fabricators and pushes a few buttons. “I'm setting up a queue but we'll start with this" The people gathering around watch and wait for a moment. There's a ding and up pops a simpler torc that is merely plated with gold. He takes the torc and lifts it up. “I could have made this pure gold but that'd be heavy.” He puts it round his neck. “If you use it then it can take your measurements and print you some clothes. If you would be so kind to help demonstrate Blaw'nid.”
She walks up to the fabricator and her jaw drops at the queue but she quickly regains composure and presses at the prompt that Jaymos was indicating. Which brought her to a screen of dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, etc all being modelled by digital hers. Clicking on an image enlarged and brought up related suggestions. She clicked and scrolled through quickly for a minute or two. As she did so there was another ding.
A large black pot filled with gold, silver, and even platinum coins, small ingots, dozens of different jewels, pearls is pushed out the side of the fabricator. Everyone watches as Jaymos tips over, with effort, the pot to spit its contents on the floor. He then lifts the pot and fully empties its contents all over on the floor.
Jaymos feigns embarrassment and says “Aw look at the mess I've made now. Can yous help me clean up?” He then squats down picking up random assortments slowly from the floor. People quickly begin with picking up what had spilled nearest them and working towards the larger piles. All save the humans, Tchon, and Blaw'nid.
Blaw'nid begins setting up her own queue. When she finishes she looks over the total list. Another ding went off as a generic clear box filled with jewelry and accessories from a collection were pushed out from whence the pot had also come. Once everyone had cleaned the floor they began rummaging through the box curious to see what's there.
As soon as the next ding went off Blaw'nid rushed up to where the torc had previously come out. Up popped a bright green dress with gold embroidery, sandals, and gloves, along with the small purse and jewelry for it. She quickly grabbed it and peered expectantly at the machine again. Again it went ding. Up popped various makeup, some nail polish, and a roll of fashion tape which she promptly put in her purse and looked around.
Erin had come over to her when saw the dress. When Blaw'nid looked around Erin said “I can show you somewhere to bathe and change. The ship can lead you to rejoin us when you are ready. Sound good.” Blaw'nid nods excitedly and they walk out the room together.
Jaymos is lounging on a table and his pockets only slightly bulging from the recently printed gold and jewels. He watches as the crowd of people finish rummaging the box and are either at a fabricator or watching others use them. Emer sits next to him.
“This detour was a good idea.” She says looking around at the people playing.
“Of course you would say that.” Jaymos replies. “You love this kind of stuff.”
“Well I don’t know about you or the others but I am hungry. So I'm going to head out.” Emer says.
Jaymos calls out “Oi! If anyone is hungry follower her. She's headed to the cafeteria now.” As Emer gets up and begins walking away. Various people too hungry to play or already done follow her out. As he continues to lounge about on the table he feels a tug at his trench coat. He pops his head up and sees the small Seer'sha. “Yes?”
“How come you arent with everyone else?” She asks of him.
He lays his head back down a moment to consider then says “I suppose so I don’t have to confront myself with exactly how much I have changed in so little by for now minimizing my interactions.”
“What's changed?”
“My entire perspective and philosophy for one. For another apparently before by fateful accident I'd been having major mental issues and became depersonalized for a while. Which was slammed by immense culture shock from a very individualist yet communal culture. The time I'd spent trapped in an escape pod in the nether and everything since has seemed somewhat surreal. So seeing so many others makes it seem real. Which is just a whole other layer of processing all this.”
“The printer let me have a training sword.” Says Seer'sha as she produces said weapon from being tucked under her belt and takes a fighting stance.
Jaymos sits up, unsheathes his ornate cutlasses, and runs the edge down his hand. When no blood appears he says “They gave me a training sword too.” He smiles and Seer'sha giggles. “Mine has no edge. Say that once I get better I should practice with actual edges. Can't say I am as eager as you though.”
“So what were talking about my aunt with earlier?” Asks Seer'sha quickly.
The sudden shift throws Jaymos off and he thinks. “Blaw'nid is your aunt?” Seer'sha nods and he continues “ She wanted to make sure I have a soul and figured it'd be good to talk to me for intel about our new lives here.”
“So why’d you give her your gold neckring?” She presses.
Jaymos frowns slightly and gets up. He shrugs and sheaths his cutlass saying “It was heavy and it doesn't mean anything here in the land of plenty.” Then walking off. Seer'sha follows after him. He asks “Does she look after you or…?”
“Yes. After I got separated from my parents she found me.”
Jaymos thinks about that while he makes his way over to Tchon and a group of people by a fabricator. He says “So what're yous making?” when he has walked up to them.
Tchon turns to him shrugs and says “Clothes mostly at this point. Odds and ends as well.”
“Fascination with all the gold wear off that quickly? “ Jaymos asks of the group.
The group covered in precious metals and stones and with bulging pockets kind of look at each other and give a bit of a nod.
Jaymos smirks and then says “I'm Jaymos by the way. Really is incredible though. Things we would have done previously to have so much of this. It's about equal as sand to them though. Has its uses but primarily brings to mind play. They're also willing to melt down their toys to make machines and weapons if needed though.”
A young man from the group steps forward to shake his hand and says “Osh'een. It really is amazing. Even more though are the fabrics. From soft, warm, and fuzzy to almost water.”
“Metals and stones are cold. Pretty though. Definitely want a fuzzy blanket though. I'm Neev.” Says a young blonde woman next to Osh'een who nods.
An older man looks to Jaymos and asks “So what does the outside of the ship look like? Taig by the way.”
Jaymos steps up to the monitor taps the screen several times and then waits for the ding. In no time at all there's the ding and a miniature of the ship pops out to which he nods. Everyone in the group but Jaymos and Tchon laugh.
“You can't be serious.” Says a woman. “That's a nautical ship with rocket engines strapped to the back.”
“Very true. But it also has a massively powerful warp drive as well as impulse engines. Not to mention the ability to traverse the nether indefinitely with no break downs. It's armor plating is thick. Has various energy shields. Not to mention the weapons its bristling with.” The laughter dies down as they look at him in shock.
Someone asks “Why?”
Jaymos and Tchon shrug. “I think they enjoy getting reactions from us. They think the ship is hilarious. As a species they don't seem to half ass things. I don’t know if yous noticed but in the bay the access to outside the ship is cut off by an immense door and shielding. We had to wait til the actual door closed to enter.”
“So they built a state of the art battle ship that dwarfs even the heaviest cruisers our species has and they made it in the shape of an ancient naval vessel because they thought it would be funny to see our reactions? Keeva by the way.” Says another woman. This one with white hair although not from old age.
Jaymos again shrugs “They said that spaceships don't have to be aerodynamic. They showed us ancient designs before they actually started making real ships. Say it makes as much sense to model it after a nautical ship they used wind power as it does to make sleek aerodynamic ships.”
Suddenly Seer'sha exclaims “BLAW'NID!” and the group turns to see her approaching. She's had a quick shower and put on her dress, accessories, and make up. She bends down to hug Seer'sha.
“So have you figured out what you want besides the sword?” Blaw'nid asks.
Seer'sha nods excitedly and says “Its an outfit a legendary princess… witcher? Wore.” She runs off to where she had set down her outfit down and returns with a brown leather vest crudely sewn together from strips, it has a collar and one sleeve, a long white shirt with some blue ribbons of fabric, two brown leather bracers, brown pants, and light brown leather boots. Blaw'nid looks down at the nearly better than rags and notices that despite the seeming age and use that they have indeed been printed that way.
“How am I not surprised? Well I guess if that's what you want. They may look raggedy but I know they're clean so you still have to wash before you put them on. Now go there's a bathroom right down the hall. Chuck the old rags into the recycler.” Her pointing the way out and Seer'sha running out.
Jaymos then asks “So do you have any of your own or do you just look after her?”
Blaw'nid shakes her head. “No. Just her. What about you?”
Jaymos takes on a grim look, sighs, crosses his arms and leans back against the fabricator. “I had a daughter and a wife once. Wife missed a payment on a replacement organ while I was on a transport job.” The group didn’t need reminding of what that means so he continues. “Happened a few years ago. If we ever get any intel on where my daughter might be I know the humans will destroy anything in my path. Who knows if we'll ever find out though. Even if it all goes right she won't know me.”
The older man, Taig, puts a hand on his shoulder and says “It's okay if you need to let your feelings out. This here seems a very safe place.”
Jaymos shrugs saying “I cried live on an intergalactic stream and asked humanity to support the war effort. I’m not sure how much more catharsis there is to be had knowing that we're to destroy that way of life and all who support it. Now matter how it pans out I've already won.”
The group nods grimly at him. Blaw’nid quickly looks around to see there are no kids around and says “You said earlier that humans engage in mating frenzies?”
The group looks at Jaymos. He and Tchon laugh. “Pretty sure no actual reproduction was done. It was just a matter of fun and convenience. Union hall was big but still. It's how I met the cook and how Tchon met his boyfriend.”
The group looks at Tchon who shrugs and replies “Well if it makes it any easier to take in he has a vagina.”
“Well that just brings up more questions but okay.” Says Taig.
“Did the faithful man take part?” Blaw'nid asks blushing slightly purple.
“Connor?” queries Jaymos. Blaw'nid timidly nods her head. “No. But I do know he had a kid with Erin ages back.”
Blaw'nid looks like her heart is sinking as she asks “So they're…”
“No. Not a romantic link between them so far as I've seen. Not that it would necessarily mean monogamy if there was. Their kid is fully grown and older than us. She's just started a romantic link with Emer. The woman that lead the way for food. Get the feeling that Erin and Connor occasionally fuck every long while though.” He says to lift her spirits. Which works. Somewhat.
“So Erin wasn't kidding when she called him old? But they don't look it!” Blaw'na protests.
“Thus goes part of the argument for space Sí. Functionally immortal and ever young. Beautiful, intelligent, and potentially very dangerous. Orcs would show their age. Although to be fair to the orc camp I have seen Emer literally pancake a boarding party with a body check to the wall and rip others apart.” Jaymos coolly replies. He then adds “Also I saw what they have in mind next. It gives points to both camps.”
“Pancake?” asks Osh'een with visible concern on his face.
“A small fluffy disc of a cake made in a pan. Can mean to flatten something. Or be used as a euphemism for sex. But in this case I mean she flattened and burst men. Because she didn’t have weapons.” Replies Jaymos looking around.
“So what's next?” Asks Neev.
“Ancient armor and bladed weapons. Partly because these humans, Celts, are brutal head hunters. As we left I know they carried off the skulls. Probably dip them in gold or something. So that aspect coming to the fore is a point to the orc argument. That they'll look enchanted is to the Sí argument. But I think I know what the next mission is now. I take it quite a few families were broken up. Let's see if we can reunite them.” Says Jaymos still keeping an eye out.
“Head hunters?” Asks the group in unison. They'd seen all the bones in the hall of the ship they had been rescued from. It made it all so pristine. Yet the idea of the large humans using bladed weapons to hack their way through a ship was particularly gruesome.
“Its an ancient practice they revived. Alongside excarnation. Connor has died several times and still has the bones of his old body. Didn’t have time to pack them though. See some engage in battles for the hell of it. Or to settle a dispute. Aim is to take the head of your opponent.”
“How can they reincarnate without souls? You told me they have no souls.” Demands Blaw'nid suspiciously.
“They use technology to copy records of their mind before death and download that into a duplicate body they print. Apparently it can be disorienting if they lose memory.” Jaymos explains.
The group shivers as they take in the duality of these people. As they contemplate the lack of a soul. Of not going anywhere when you die. As they considered this Jaymos spots Seer'sha returning to her aunt Blaw'nid.
Jaymos makes to leave and calls out to the room “I advise everyone to join us to eat and then do living arrangements where you can put all the nice new stuff you have.”
The group and the majority of the other stragglers follow Jaymos. The humans had already left for the cafeteria.
Author's notes: this one mostly wrote itself. And since I wrote ahead before I already have 4 pages for the next mission.
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2021.12.08 21:26 truarte2 Group breaking into my apartment’s parking lot and attempting to loot cars.

I need help because I really don’t know what to do. These dudes have been breaking into our cars, stealing the garage remote and just keep coming and going as they please to see if anyone forgot to lock their car. We have them on video but it’s happening at like 4am pitch black, and dudes are dressed in all black. Is there realistically anything I can do? Thanks.
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2021.12.08 21:26 BoogieFinger Reduce One Shortage to Cause Another ?

Blood Plasma companies offering $1000 dollars for donations due to shortage. Thinking about turning the plasma $$ into SILVER. What if 200,000 apes ended the plasma shortage and SQUEEZED JPM in return. Feedback ?
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2021.12.08 21:26 Clarisage Things we shouldn't have to tell adults

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2021.12.08 21:26 Icy_Remote5451 Help finding command

I remember there was a thing where you could like, +1 or -1 to a certain part of text in a scoreboard, and I forgot how, anyone know?
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2021.12.08 21:26 AtDjs How much meta gaming is too much?

Hey, so I'm not a fan of insight being a lie detector or people knowing that this particular undead has X vulnerability or resistance, the caster knowing which spell/level is being casted against them so they can counterspell it's exact level, knowing that you should never give your name to a fey, a low level warlock/sorcerer shouldn't know how to escape a forcecage immediately
I understand ingame knowledge based in experience, studies, etc. But I don't like when players check how spells work, monster stat blocks, depend on insight for everything.
How do you (or your DM) manage it? How do you keep it at bay?
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2021.12.08 21:26 blum_plum Do kitchen staff have to wear a mask?

It's an open kitchen and I can see the kitchen staff not wearing masks and being near the food that they're preparing.
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2021.12.08 21:26 kingfischer1432 TXP search features

I need to purchase players to use as TXP from the market. What are some good filters I should use (i.e. min OVR, max price, etc.)? Ideally I'm looking for defenders.
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2021.12.08 21:26 Visible-Ad743 Mongoose coin?

Is it an ERC 20 token? Just wondering. If not then I'm not buying the hype. Apparently after today's congress hearing Ethereum and Bitcoin are dead but Mongoose coin is the future. Are we starting a new sub?
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2021.12.08 21:26 Djinn504 I need a bigger table…

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2021.12.08 21:26 wing_commander_ Newb question

Hey all, I'm new here so sorry if I should know this, but I'm wondering why everytime I try and follow a user, I get the "Something Went Wrong" message? Am I doing something wrong, or do I have a wrong setting? I can join pages no problem.
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2021.12.08 21:26 Swagmund_Freud666 Anyone have a strong tenancy to get involved with mentally ill partners?

CW: mentions of suicidal thoughts. I've noticed this in myself (AP man) that I have a tendency to get involved with mentally ill people and also to be heavily drawn to them. The first big example would be my first (and so far only long lasting) relationship with a DA girl about two years ago. She had anorexia, an abusive father, and depression on top of being avoidant. I describe this to people and they usually ask why the hell I stayed so long. She broke up with me (although she did it in a way that did not in any way sound like we were breaking up) and I reacted very badly to it. The second major example would be a girl I went out with a few times in October of this year, she had borderline personality disorder and a pattern of being in abusive relationships. I knew all this but still wanted to be with her despite it. It ended in disaster, but a part of me enjoyed the chaos of it all. I met this girl about a week ago who I think is cute. Yesterday she joked that her parents wouldnt let her get a drivers license cuz she's "suicidal and has anger issues". This should be an obvious red flag but my brain didn't seem to worry about it and if anything it's made me like her a lot more. I have a friend whose a bisexual guy who I find fairly attractive. He's also admitted to being suicidal and is just a whole box of mental issues. I know going after him is a bad idea and I've been able to stop myself from doing it but the mental health issues he has definitely don't turn me off from him and in fact if anything they give me this feeling of being me deeply connected to him and when he opened up to me about it, I felt much more interested in him than I did before. I have had retrospective opportunities to date mentally stable, secure people but I never do... Not because they aren't interested but because I'm not interested in them. I think this pattern in me derives from this feeling that I'm inherintly unlovable and unworthy of affection and so any sane person once they really got to know me would abandon me, so I have to go for people on a level below me on the "fit for love" scale and can bind them to me in a trauma bond, which seems to be what I'm after, and not a real healthy relationship. I'm not even really mentally ill, I'm not depressed or suicidal. I'm wondering if anyone else with anxious attachment can relate to this.
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2021.12.08 21:26 Prodger0323 Just Found this sub-reddit and wanted to post a Lo-Fi song I did with a friend!

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2021.12.08 21:26 poopvomitpiss Optimal toenail length for squats and deadlifts?

So I started doing my lifts barefoot and it has been cool for me. But it wasn’t until I grew freakishly king toenails that I really started seeing a difference. I find that my nails really scratch and dig into the floor and give me a lot of extra stability. I don’t understand how you regular length toe nailed people are even able to survive at the gym let alone make gains. How do you not just fall over and die while you’re squatting. Grow your toenails out people. my toenail
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2021.12.08 21:26 ElBiroteSupremo What's your favorite secret / alternate ending?

I don't know if the first two games have various endings since I haven't played them, anyway my personal favorite is the walk away ending in FC5
View Poll
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2021.12.08 21:26 AusCOVID19 NSW records eight new Omicron COVID-19 cases, bringing state total to 42

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2021.12.08 21:26 307001 Alabama Open Carry Longguns

I've been doing some research on the different gun laws for different states.
I have been unable to find whether it is legal to openly carry a longgun in Alabama. lists just about every firearm and weapon related law in Alabama, and the only thing mentioned under the "Rifles and Shotguns" section is that SBRs and SBSs are illegal.
Anyone from Alabama who knows?
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2021.12.08 21:26 nerdcorner Men --- why the sunglasses?

minor rant post. lol. I'm scrolling through profiles, and the number of men with sunglasses. Like in every single photo. I just don't get it. Did I miss the memo? Why?
Who hurt you, babe? Just show those eyes..they are afterall windows to your soul.
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